Creamy Coating!

I have been venturing outside of my typical desserts and trying new stuff lately. Last night I CRAVED fruit for dessert but always need my chocolate. We all know fruit and chocolate go perfectly together! Saco has microwavable chocolate wafers that turn into a creamy chocolate when microwaved. They come in a microwave safe cup but I did not want to waste any of the container so just dolled myself out a portion for my fruit dipping pleasure. Yum! They also make a cocoa powder that is a type that I have never tried. It is unsweetened like I always buy but it is a mix of natural and dutch. I used it to make a batch of my chocolate pudding and it turned out great! Saco has a full line of gourmet cooking and baking products— I LOVE whipping up concoctions with the types of ingredients they carry. I also got some dry milk powder which I love for making protein bars, smoothies, in coffee and to make creamy oats.