Double Dutch Chocolate

Every single day I enjoy a protein brownie in the afternoon. It is my "shake" but made into a brownie instead because I prefer to drink than eat! Duh! So usually I take my protein powder and even if it is already chocolate flavored it is never chocolately enough for me! I always have to add cocoa powder to it... The other day I got some Double Dutch Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate from Integrated Supplements and since the name sounded so appealing and it smelled so rich, I made my brownie without the cocoa powder and it was perfect! You will see in the pictures below how great it looks! But besides tasting amazing- their whey protein isolate is a high quality protein and the only patented CFM Whey Isolate made by ceramic filtering the protein to make the cleanest whey possible. Why CFM Whey:
-No Lactose
-No Cholesterol
-No Whey Protein Concentrate
-Not a Protein "Blend"
-No Artificial Sweeteners
-No Artificial Flavors
-No Artificial Colors
-99% Undenatured Protein
Integrated Supplements makes many other Supplements in their line. Check out their website!