So Fresh, So Clean

So I am making my moves towards natural in just about every aspect of my life. If I am not there yet—I am looking into it. The more I find out the more I am sure that every little bit I can do to help my body, the earth and educate others really does add up to something great! Moving on—I was not afraid to make the move on any other product except for the deodorant. Lets be honest—I workout and sweat. I am in close quarters with people, I do not want to be the smelly one at the gym.

Day #1: Wore to work with my chemical stick in my bag “just in case” but by the end of the day still fresh. Wore to gym, noticed more perspiration but no added smell.
Day #2: Exactly the same! So far, so good. I do not mind sweating—actually I LOVE sweating just don’t like smelling.
My take on natural deodorants are changed now thanks to Lafe’s. I felt clean while still using a healthy, organic product. Contrary to many people’s beliefs deodorant DOES get absorbed into our glands and does run through our systems so in knowing that we really should make the switch to a natural product containing ingredients like: natural mineral salts, baking soda, hemp oil, and essential oils. Lafe’s has five scents to please just about anyone-- active, lavender, tea tree, fresh, powder and unscented. Lafe’s doesn’t just make deodorants, its just all I have tried. Check them out online (I LOVE SHOPPING ONLINE for the huge selection and EASE).