Olive Juice

I love olives- big, small- stuffed, pitted, green, black, exotic, spiced, with oil, gourmet just give them to me! Lindsay Olives has SO many varieties I was SHOCKED. I actually didn’t know there were so many kinds of olives available. On their website I saw green, black, garlic, Italian, Spanish, Nutty, Cocktail style and on and on! So if you are olive fan this is the website for you. They have all different ideas for courses to pair them with, recipes etc. Very interactive, cool website but onto the good stuff—the olives. Wow were these ever fantastic, last night I opened the standard black (my favorite) olive. I was very impressed with the stay fresh container and the easy packaging the little guys came in. They did taste unbelievably fresh and delicious even though they were remarkably simple (not a bunch of additives). A good snack while I am making dinner, in my lunches, on my salads etc… I still have the green ripe, black ripe, large black and Italian varieties to eat. You jealous?!