Organic Grooming

Yesterday was a great day! A package came in the mail right on time from The Herban Cowboy website containing their Organic Grooming Products. Well, it just so happened to be my SO’s birthday that day and wow were these products ever a hit! They smell DELICIOUS. Earthy, woody, clean and fresh all at the same time. The packaging is chic yet masculine and the scent is right with it. Colognes, lotions, aftershaves etc… make such great presents because who doesn’t like to smell good? Smelling good gives you confidence and makes you FEEL good too! It is so hard to describe a scent but each product was just heavenly. We got the “Dusk” Cologne/ Milled Bar Soap, Max Protection Deodorant and the Carrot & Cucumber Balm. A bit about the company: they carry certified vegan products and make a very minimal environmental impact making it easy for all of us to “Go Green”!