Savoring the Harvest with the Middleton’s

What is better than fresh, organically farmed apples, cherries and blueberries? How about if they are picked at prime ripeness enhancing the already high quality of the natural flavors, then handcrafted into apple sauces, apple butters and fruit preserves? Middleton Organics strive to provide healthy, yummy food to people at a reasonable price which is something I can definitely appreciate. In addition, the apple sauces (Let’s Get Saucy collection) contain no added sugars—just fruit. The apple butters come in various flavors including traditional apple, apple citrus, apple cherry and apple blueberry. Use them as a spread or try out one of Lori’s recipes that come on the jar! Then there is the Cherry Sauce & Preserves—you could use it the traditional way or on pancakes like I did! YUM! They have other ideas for these great spreads, sauces and preserves on their website. Stop by! They also have great gifts! I ALWAYS think food is the perfect present!
Morning Pancakes with Bing Cherry Sauce & Preserves!