There are so many sweeteners out there and trust me, I have tried them all. I like things sweet, I mean really sweet. My motto is “the sweeter the better”! So rarely do I use just regular pure sugar… I would have to use a ton of it and the calories really add up. I rely on more of the Natural line of low cal sweeteners and have been experimenting to find what works with what. I had not yet found one that tastes good sweetening up certain items such as my protein brownies without any aftertaste but yet really sweet and yummy! Here it is—Susta sweetener. “A healthy alternative to table sugar and artificial sweeteners” AND “Turns calories into healthy energy” are their slogans. Sign me up! I had to see what this was all about because the taste is great. Susta is made up of all things I can pronounce and want in my body. In addition, the Susta blend contains probiotics, supports digestive health and is a low G.I. food. One packet is equal to the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar. So here was my protein brownie that turned out excellent using 3 packets- I would have been eating 6 teaspoons of sugar! Yikes! You can buy Susta online—Lucky YOU!