Who doesn’t love a clean house? It is almost a full-time job in itself to keep your house spic n’ span, laundry done, everything sanitary and add to it keeping your waste level down while doing it, not to mention the costs associated with solutions and supplies. I have recently become more and more aware of how wasteful keeping clean is. A paper towel here, another one there—tons and tons of chemicals polluting the air in my home. I have found a great solution and can not stop talking about it. E-Cloth! I have tried other re-usable cleaning supplies in the past have always been let down by their performance. Nothing I have tried compares to these Eco-friendly, handy, reusable assortment of cloths, mops and other keep-it-clean supplies. I have a few things that I find particularly hard to maintain like my stovetop, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and my floors (especially the cat hair). So here are my reviews and some pictures:

Furniture Pack: Made for deep cleaning on all furniture including wood, leather, glass, chrome and fabric. I tried this one on my wood headboard. I am extremely careful with this wood being that is maple that is only lightly treated. My expectations were totally surpassed with the fantastic job this thick cloth did. Just add a little bit of water to make it damp and wipe away. It did not leave that furniture polish film either—such a keeper!

Bathroom Pack: Chemical Free cleaning for all hard surfaces. Amazing. The thick absorbent cloth was perfect for my travertine shower walls. The polishing cloth wiped everything from the mirror to the chrome of the faucet clean. I love not having to spray and breathe chemicals while I am cleaning. Not to mention, I used to use 4 different cleaning products in the bathroom alone!

Kitchen Pack/ Range Stovetop pack: Awesome on stainless steel, worktops, glass, chrome, granite and wood. This is by far the room I clean the most often and use the most often. There are two cloths in this pack—a general purpose cloth and a glass & polishing cloth. I cleaned my stovetop, countertops and wiped up the faucet—everything. I am in awe about how great these work.

Mop—First off WOW. This is the sturdiest, highest quality mop I have ever seen. Everyone should own one of these. I have stone floors in my bathroom and kitchen and the rest of the house is wood flooring. It is hard to keep these clean and having pets, I have to clean it often. This mop has a very sturdy handle and well-crafted design to fit under the couch, coffee table, bed and it was SO soft that I used it to easily wipe my woodwork.

Is it normal to get so excited about cleaning products? I have to admit cleaning is almost a hobby and I REQUIRE a clean house so if these products impress me then they are worth checking out—the initial investment is worth saving on all those products, the safety of your family and ease of cleaning!