Be happy-- add balance to your life every day!

That is the motto of The Protein Bakery and you can say that again! I have found that without balance when it comes to your daily eating habits it leads to deprivation and even more over-indulgences. The folks at The Protein Bakery have perfected a formula of healthy eating with divine sweetness.

I was sent an amazing sampler pack that first off was just beautiful. Each bakery item just looked fresh and like each cookie and brownie got special attention-- because it did! The Protein Bakery bakes up small batches EVERY DAY from scratch so what you order (or stop in at their boutique style bakery in Manhattan if you are lucky enough to live nearby or visiting) is always fresh.

The sampler pack included a chocolate & peanut butter brownie, a blondie and an assortment of cookies.

By the looks of these you have to understand how crazy my sweet tooth was acting when I opened this package! First I tried the Chocolate Chip Blondie and every single morsel just melted in my mouth-- it was just the right texture and rich as can be stuffed with high quality chocolate chips. Later on that evening my S.O. and myself split a colossal Chocolate Cherry Cookie. OMG. The cookie itself was a deep chocolate and was bursting with dried cherries-- we both agreed it was divine. I can not wait to try my other goodies! Some facts about these amazing guilt free treats:
  • Trans-fat free
  • preservative free
  • wheat flour-free
  • nutritionally balanced
  • natural ingredients
  • high in fiber
  • low in gluten
  • up to 5 times more protein than the average baked treat (protein makes you feel fuller faster and prevents blood sugar spikes)
So you think I am just bragging about these great cookies, brownies and blondies that I get to sink my teeth into? Nah-- they have offered up the same amazing pack to one of my readers! Will it be you? Well to try your hand at winning like The Protein Bakery on facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Tuesday November 29th. Best of luck to you!