FUN Review & Giveaway--Original King Carousel gumball machine

I am loving doing this review and giveaway! Right now we are furiously working on renovating our basement just in time for Max's birthday party so there is a little wiggle room for all of our guests. Once it is finished I can not wait to display our new Original King Carousel gumball machine! This one looks just like the old fashioned original gumball machines except this one is brand new but filled with authentic details.
This gumball machine is VERY reasonably priced for what you get. When it arrived I did not expect such high quality parts to the machine. The globe is glass and the gumball machine is heavy made with a real working coin mechanism (will accept any coin denomination). You can also make adjustments to your machine like the amount of candy dispensed or turning it into a free play machine. We had so much fun assembling this and marveling at all the details-- we were so impressed with our new machine and can not wait to show it off! What a great addition to our new playroom/ office area! When Max is older he will love the novelty of this machine and all the proceeds will go directly to his piggy bank. We were also sent delicious gumballs to stock our machine-- all brightly colored and delicious, just like the originals. You can now win your very own Original King Carousel gumball machine and gumballs to fill it up with! Here is what you have to do-- tell me where you would love to proudly display your gumball machine, check out the website and tell me something else cool you saw, make sure you follow my blog and also like me on facebook-- then email me to let me know you qualify and keep your fingers crossed because you just may be the winner. You have until Tuesday the 29th to get your entry in. Good luck!