I heart Tommee Tippee Review and Giveaway!

I reached out to my mommy readers when I was pregnant looking for suggestions on must have items and one brand that came up a lot was Tommee Tippee. At that time they did not have the breast pumps out but I did stock up on their bottles and am now using their sippee cups too. I was given the chance to review the Tommee Tippee single electric breast pump and could not wait to try it out. I am still nursing but Max does not wake up as often as he used to for feedings so I still pump once to avoid waking up totally engorged. I love this pump-- not only was it comfortable but it had great suction and worked fast (and quietly) just what I need in the middle of the night.

Their pumps work very easily with their bottles so you can avoid any waste. Tommee Tippee has done it again! I highly recommend this pump for all those new mommies or even those like me that are still pumping and want to upgrade. Tommee Tippee has also come out with something else new since I have been pregnant that I wish I could have taken advantage of-- their new web application called "The Day Baby Was Born"-- this great program is a digital storybook in which you can document and collect all your pregnancy memories! I loved being pregnant and so would have done this! Its a time in which you don't want to forget a thing (oh except the morning sickness, swollen ankles, pinched sciatic nerves... just to name a few). But it really is such a special time and this is a great way to capture and also to share your journey with friends and family. To coincide with this great program Tommee Tippee is doing a giveaway of a Newborn Starter Kit.

In this great kit you get four 9 ounce bottles, two 5 ounce bottles, one bottle and nipple cleaning brush and three formula dispensers. This is quite a starter set! To try your luck you must follow my blog, like me on facebook, like TT on facebook and shoot me and email-- just like that you are in! Do this by Sunday November 20th! Good luck!