Striiv Throughout Your Day Review & Giveaway

I was so excited to get my Striiv after reading all about it on their website that I tore right into the box and started "playing" right away! This small device carries a ton of options to help you get fit, give back AND have fun! The concept is very unique that sponsors keep track of your steps and give you credit for your movement which in turn they donate the money to charities with no cost to you! Brilliant!

I think it is so motivating that your steps boost your charity dollars and will encourage me to move-- even just little things like taking the steps, parking further away etc... There is also another great feature to Striiv and that is the games! Striiv has built in games that move with you and make your walking even more entertaining. I was reading their "about us" section and really found that I could relate to their vision. Before having a family of my own I was a slave to the gym-- now I have very limited time and love that this helps me incorporate fitness (and giving) into my life without sacrificing time with my little guy. I think this would make a wonderful gift for anyone in your life that needs help fitting fitness into their lives (all of us)! Striiv is very generously giving 2 winners their very own Striiv's to get going on their fitness goals and donating to charity all while having a blast. Here is what you have to do-- visit the Striiv website and tell me a tidbit about Striiv that I haven't mentioned here, like them on facebook, follow my blog AND like me on facebook. Once you have completed these requirements just shoot me an email with your Striiv factoid and you are in the running. Make sure you do this by Sunday November 20th. Good luck!