New Yummy (and helpful) Find!

Staying healthy is SO important to me so when offered the chance to do the Goodbelly 12 day challenge I was all for it! Goodbelly is a probiotic drink that helps regulate your digestive system and is also super yummy! I did my usual and hopped on their website to see what they were all about and found out some great reasons that I should be drinking Goodbelly and just how important it is to keep your digestive health in check. Probiotics not only help with your digestive health but also aid in your immune system health, a fact I was unaware of. Their are different types of probiotics but Goodbelly has more information found here including a link to help you find which Goodbelly product is right for you.
I actually got the perfect opportunity to take GoodBelly for a test spin these past couple of weeks. I have been out of town visiting family and to be honest eating horribly. My son and I have been living out of a hotel so when a family member wasn't preparing us a huge spread I was visiting restaurants which is not normally something I do too often. The week prior to going out of town I had started drinking GoodBelly and then brought some with to keep in my hotel fridge that was otherwise filled with Max's things. I chose the Cranberry Watermelon drink-- yum! As promised it tastes like a refreshing blend of tart cranberries and the sweet flavor of watermelon. I love that the blend is dairy free, soy free and vegan but not only that -- it works. My belly loved the active and live cultures that helped it feel good even while eating things we were normally not accustomed to. I challenge you to try the 12 day challenge, hop on their website and you can get instant coupons emailed to you as well. Watch for a Goodbelly giveaway coming up around the holidays!