Everybody Needs Good Karma!

As a former vegan I know just how hard it is to come across delicious tasting dairy free coffee creamers and any sort of dairy sort of substitute so when I find one I stick to it! I was offered the chance to try the *new* coffee creamers by Good Karma foods in regular, hazelnut and french vanilla flavors and jumped right on it. I LOVE french vanilla creamers so this is the first one I tore into:
I could not believe just how delicious this dairy free, lactose free, gluten free and vegan coffee creamer tasted. It was every bit as dreamy and creamy as the regular dairy kinds and I actually liked the hint of vanilla that this one had much better than the stuff I normally buy-- this just tasted more natural than the chemical-like aftertaste that I had grown accustomed to. We also sampled the original and loved this just as much-- no strange taste like a lot of non-dairy products seem to offer it was just straight up a creamy way to top off our coffee. I have to admit I have the hazelnut waiting in the fridge for when we have people over next weekend-- then I will try a tiny bit as I am not normally a hazelnut fan and not feeling too daring.  Even though I am no longer a vegan I still go dairy free as much as possible and love the health benefits that these products can deliver-- I know that these are also much better for your waistline than what I have been buying at the store. Good Karma Foods actually has a lot of great products in their lineup so checkout the store locator to see where you can find them too.