Beltmaster to the rescue!

Are you in need of some great belts and want a great deal? Head over to Beltmaster-- there they stock over 1000 different belts in endless colors and sizes for you to choose from. They have great categories like men's, women's, kid's and even some other non-belt items like dog collars, key chains, accessories and wallets. The selection is literally huge so when we went to choose our belts it was hard but we went with this dressy belt:
Then once you actually settle on a belt they have tons of choices for color and textures-- we went with the classic smooth black leather. The belt has a brushed nickel finish and the leather is of super high quality. I was shocked actually when the belt came at what high quality the craftsman ship and materials are made of. This is easily a 40.00 or more retail priced belt, we were super satisfied. The fun did not stop there, we also chose a "casual" belt. Here is the one we chose for day to day jeans type wear:

For the casual belt it has a silver finish and we chose the cordovan color in smooth finish and let me tell you this is one sharp looking belt. The same great quality and one great looking belt. The pictures do not even do these belts justice, they are much better in person. This belt will be great for the business casual look or even paired with jeans and a button down. This belt is also very modestly price at only 22.00 when it would easily be double that in a store. Check out Beltmaster they really have something for everyone on their website and have the largest selection of belts I have ever seen. Not only are belts and other leather goods great gifts to yourself but also are great under the tree!