Sound Asleep Curtains

Who doesn't want a better nights sleep?  We fight for sleep around here! My little man goes through sleeping stages where he is on schedule for weeks at a time then he does these all night jags and sleeps through the day. That means I sleep right along with him so the Sound Asleep Room Darkening Curtains were very appealing to me! Just take a look at the room's before and afters:
Just seeing this lets you know why they are the official curtains of the National Sleep Foundation. So how do these curtains work?
"A soft Thermaback coating is applied to fabric to create room darkening qualities. The Thermaback technology reduces penetrating light which helps provide the “darkness” necessary for a better night’s sleep. The curtains also reduce outside noise and their thermal properties aid in reducing home heating and cooling costs."
So not only do they block out the light for better sleeping they also help with your energy costs-- gotta love that! But beyond room darkening and energy efficiency they are also beautiful. Sound Asleep Curtains are made of a woven chenille that would work great with any decor and come in a wide range of colors:
We chose the Blue River and just love how our curtains look. They have inspired a little bedroom makeover to matchup with the curtains! Another great thing is how easy these curtains will be to keep nice-- they are machine washable. You can also check out Sound Asleep Curtains on their facebook page!