Je t’aime…… Te Quiero……Ich lieb dich …… sun ho ez…. I Love You!

So jewelry is not always the most unique gift but when it comes from Nanostyle it is! Nanostyle makes VERY original jewelry because they engrave 24 karat gold into their semi-precious stones. Well how does that look? Take a peek for yourself:
Its gorgeous! They take a stone of your choosing and carefully imprint the design or wording from their great selection of pendants in categories like tokens of love, zodiac, new age and more! The one I chose was straight out of the "tokens of love" section and I just could not resist the allure of the "I Love You" pendant that has I Love You engraved in 120 languages! Here is the one I chose:
Stunning huh? I had a hard time between this and the Onyx Pendant seen here:

But am thrilled with my choice, although I would not mind finding the Onyx one under the tree-- I am giving out blatant hints here. You can really customize your pendants as well from choosing different stones, gold or silver and chain choices. I was thoroughly happy with every aspect of my love pendant. My cubic zirconia is crystal clear and perfectly sized with beautiful 24 karat gold engraving and even includes a magnifying glass key chain so that when my conversation starter of a necklace is mentioned I can show off the 120 I Love You's right then and there, the chain is also of high quality and will last me for years to come. Hop on their website and design your dream pendant-- let me know which one you love! You can also follow Nanostyle on Twitter or like then on Facebook!