Momzelle Review and Giveaway

Cute, fashionable, trendy or sexy nursing tops are virtually impossible to find but Momzelle has you covered. Check out the top that I got:
It is the Long Sleeve V-Neck with Flower Print in digitalis color-- its a dark lavender type shade. All of their tops are made with the postpartum shape in mind so they are generous with the fabric on this top and its a bit longer than most tops you will find and the sleeves were actually long enough for me. I love the way this top fits, the v-neck isn't too revealing but just right, nice long body, snug but not tight fit and long sleeves-- its comfortable, functional and very flattering at the same time. The nursing part is like no other that I own or have seen, this is how it works:

It is so easy to nurse in this top and very discreet. I love that the flap just lifts and there are no crossovers to deal with or anything to fasten etc... The flap also provides extra coverage so you really can feel comfortable nursing anywhere without risk of exposing yourself. Their site is filled with great finds for moms and these are shirts you can wear even after your nusring days are over. I was reading some of the loyal Momzelle reader reviews and there are moms who only wear Momzelle tops and I can see why, I wish I would have known about Momzelle sooner! There are also tunics, dresses, nightgowns and a huge array of tops to check out. Momzelle has also offered up a code for you guys to use and get 5.00 off your order-- MOMFIT. There are some great sales today! So onto the part you have been waiting for-- the giveaway! Momzelle is generously offering up a 25.00 gift code for use on their site. Here is what you have to do-- visit the Momzelle site and tell me what you would put your gift card towards, follow my blog, like me on facebook and then email me to let me know you did all this. You have until Sunday December 4th. Best of luck to you!