Lashem Beauty Products WOW Review

My son was born with these incredible eyelashes-- everyone points out how long and thick they are, they are just gorgeous. Well, he sure did not get them from me! I have these poor excuses for eyelashes with just a few measly lashes that are short to boot. I was so happy to try some of the great products from Lashem! Lashem is ALL ABOUT EYELASHES-- yeah! I'm reviewing the Double Trouble Mascara and Measurable Difference Eyelash Gel.

I have been using the Eyelash Boosting Gel for 4 days now. Its simple, you just take the brush and do one stroke along the base of your eyelashes twice per day. I set mine right by my toothpaste so I would remember and am so impressed at how well this gel really does work. First off, I had no irritation or anything on my sensitive eyes and have noticed a thicker appearance to my weak lashes in just this short period of time. Now their mascara is a MIRACLE WORKER-- not only does it build length but it also builds volume into your lashes. I have been using this everytime I have gone out and even my S.O. noticed how much my deep black, full lashes stood out! I loved that this mascara not only worked so well but it was clump free and the applicator also gave a slight curl to my lashes. Jump on their website-- they are having a buy 1, get 1 on the mascara not sure how long this will last.