Are you in tune with your body?

You know that all too familiar feeling when your blood sugar drops? All of the sudden you get moody, tired and perhaps even a little dizzy (We call this =“hangry” at my house hungry + angry). That when you need to make sure you have an honest to goodness healthy snack right there on hand. Livin Spoonful crackers are just the solution! I love that they identified this problem and helped point consumers in the right direction of snacks to seek out when you hit this all too familiar wall. And they also let you know that healthy snacks don’t have to be so boring! They make their amazingly healthy and flavorful crackers all by hand. They are started with a hearty base of sprouted sunflower seeds, then add the highest quality organic ingredients including vegetables, fruits and seasonings to make an awesome tasting snack or meal addition. Check out the creative flavors—Coconut Curry (unreal), Pesto Pumpkinseed, Sunny Garden Herb and Caraway Crisps.