This one is out of the park!

Thank you to Home Run Inn pizzas for letting me try their lineup of All Natural, No Preservative and Trans-Fat Free Pizzas! They are delicious. Home Run Inn is a family business and has 7 restaurant locations but if there is not one near you—don’t despair their pizzas are found in the freezer in over 20 states! They still use the same family recipe and use only the best ingredients which is quite apparent in the taste. This is the best pizza I have had out of the freezer, ever. The crust was crunchy, the sauce had a zing to it and there was no scrimping on the toppings. These pizzas come in Classic, Ultra Thin and Signature in a variety of topping choices like: Cheese, Four Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, and Sausage Pepperoni. The Signature line is a quite different and comes in radical flavors like Meat Lovers, Cheese Plum Tomato and Fire Roasted Vegetable pizza. I had the Four Cheese Variety which was the best “just cheese” pizza I have ever had. The Sausage Pepperoni took the cake though—the meat portions were very generous and top notch. For my quick dinner nights or just plain pizza cravings this will be my go-to pizza of choice!