A Delicious Way to Live

Check out these monster sized Intention Cookies by Bountiful Vegan. I am always for cruelty free products and especially ones that taste this good! Bountiful Vegan’s cookies are part of the movement towards a cruelty free world and are 100% animal free and amazing! Here is their lineup:

The Love Cookie: Chocolate Chip Orange (this works really well together and the orange gives it a gentle burst of flavor on top of the chocolate chip goodness).
The Prosperity Cookie: Choco Choco Chip (my fave—no words but double chocolate people).
The Harmony Cookie: Lemon Snickerdoodle (tasted downright awesome).
The Well Being Cookie: Coconut Pineapple (two of my favorite things in a cookie- tropical goodness).
Go to their website for their story on how the cookies began and a little bit about your personality based on which cookie you choose (NEAT)!