Cherry On Top

That is the Sugajules granola variety that I was able to try. It is comprised of cherries, pistachios, almonds and semi-sweet chocolate chips—let me tell you this combo is OUT OF THIS WORLD. All Sugajules granola is made in small batches using great ingredients all while creating great combinations. I have never had a mix like this one before and loved the tartness of the cherries balanced by the semi-sweet chocolate chips and the nuts were a perfect addition. I am not sure you would want to dump milk all over this granola, I think it is best enjoyed right out of the bag! They declare it deliciously addictive and they are not kidding. It is the type of food that you can put away but it calls your name from the cupboards. They guarantee your batch is fresh and will not be left sitting on store shelves—trust me it definitely will not be left sitting on your shelf either!