Roman Meal Bread

I have been on a huge bread kick. Toast, pb & j’s, grilled cheese and anything else have been in my breakfast or lunch lineup for weeks now! So if I am going to indulge in these favorites I like to start them off with whole grain bread. I recently stumbled upon Roman Meal Bread and with its 100% whole grain just two slices give you about 75% of your daily value of whole grain. The particular variety that I got has just 70 calories per slice and tastes nutty and delicious. I have to mention that this is the softest bread! A little carb shy? Please don’t be. Just like good fats, there are also good carbs! These can be found in whole grains and keep you full because their high fiber and nutrient content. Never confuse good carbs for simple carbs which are processed and refined. Roman Meal keeps your health in mind when making all of their delicious breads, cereals and snack bars.