The folks over at Monster Candy Apples are a blessing. They not only use one of the best apples ever the Granny Smith Apple. They smother them in all sorts of goodness, like Butterfinger bars, Snickers bars, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sprinkles, coconuts, nuts, you name it, they roll it! I had the pleasure of eating a Butterfinger Candy Apple, boy oh boy was it ever fresh, crisp, and the crushed up Butterfinger bar was the topping on the cake. I could not stop at one bite, I’m telling you it’s so good I wanted to eat the apple core, but I didn’t. You have to check out their website they have a variety of other dipped items as well as the famous Monster Candy Apples. If you’re worried about how shipping any of the items they have to offer will look when you receive it, DON’T, they have perfected the shipping process so you receive your items in one piece and unharmed. Thanks Monster Candy Apples!