Soy Good Snacks!

Did you know that soy beans make an awesome snack? I have had many a soy product but never the beans on their own. Landgarten makes organic, natural snacks straight from the mountains of Austria. These Landgarten treats are unique to me. I have never had anything quite like them and they are delicious. Landgarten monitors every bean, nut and seed put into their products to ensure only the best comes to you—handpicked from their own farms and roasted fresh to order. The best part about their roasting method is that they do not add fatty, unnecessary oils to their blend. Instead, they have a hot air roasting method that locks in the nutrients and flavor without additives. I was able to try a few Landgarten snacks but here are my absolute favorites that will be part of my rotation! Number 1: Soy Snack Dark Chocolate. Their roasted soy beans covered in Belgium Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate—need I say more? They are better than chocolate covered peanuts, raisins or anything of the like. They were outrageously good. Number 2: Soy-Snack. Simply their fresh, organic soy beans roasted and topped with a light amount of sea salt. PERFECT and so much more than I ever expected from a soy snack. Number 3: Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds. Crunchy, zesty heaven. I have never had anything Tamari flavored before and it is an awesome spice that complements almonds magically! When they say impossible to resist, they mean it!