Luscious with a Twist!

Green Light Jerky makes an amazing Jerky snack but with a twist! They have crazy- cool flavors like: "Jamaican Jerk Style" Hey mon, its delicious. Just add a cold beer and some reggae music and you'll feel like you are in Montego Bay. Its got traditional jerk flavors with, Jamaican allspice, thyme and fresh habaneros.
"Garlic Parmesan" Magnifico! There are few things on this great earth of ours, that can beat the taste of garlic & parmesan...and here's the proof!
Those are the two that I got to try and if their other flavors are anything like these two—they are a truly luscious treat and definitely have a twist to them! Their motto is to get away from boring flavors and they have sure succeeded in doing that, all the while keeping a good and fresh jerky product under the fancy seasonings. Their website is pretty neat—all the flavors are on there with spicy ratings etc. Jerky is a food just about anyone can fit into their lifestyle being that it is high protein and low fat. Green Light uses no preservatives, no nitrates, no MSG, no thickening agents and no food coloring—leaving you with the best of the best.