You’ve Been Pickled!

Van Holten Pickles are awesome! They makes pickles in a pouch (and snack olives too), which I just love because you can have a pickle anywhere, no refrigeration needed. When I get salty cravings a good pickle is just what the doctor ordered. Van Holten has such a large variety of pouched pickles and truly unique flavors to boot! My first pickle that I bit into was their new “Lil Sweetie” and it had that great pickle crunch and the perfect amount of sweet to make for quite a delicious treat. Every pickle pouch I ripped open smelled better than the next and the pickles lived up to their mouthwatering smell. They have a core flavors line: Hearty Dill, Kosher/ Zesty Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Sour Tart & Tangy and Sweet. They also have a fun character line: Big Papa, Hot Mama, Little Pepe, Garlic Gus, Sour Sis and Lil’ Sweetie. I loved learning that Van Holten’s got their start right here in Milwaukee, WI and now they are available all over. Yum!