On the go goodies!

Thank you to Atkins for letting me try their great lineup of bars. Each one I have tried so far has been well, just as good as a candy bar but nutritionally far superior. The Chocolate Mousse Caramel Bar (from the Endugle collection) is pure heaven in a wrapper. I stuck mine in the freezer at work and was blown away at how good it was! It was like one of those ice cream candy bars—the mousse turned into an ice cream-like consistency. The other one I have to get on your radar is the Chocolate Caramel Nut Roll! Its new to the Advantage Line and is packed full of nuts, caramel and chocolate for your pure pleasure. They have so many bars—you just have to check out their website. In addition to bars they have a plethora of other great products in their lineup. PS—You don’t have to be doing the Atkins Phase plan to enjoy any of these fantastic foods.