Healthy Kitchenware

I’m sure your all wondering what I mean by Healthy Kitchenware right? Well, I will tell you what I mean. The creators of Healthy Kitchenware would like to stress that within plastic materials that may hold food or drinks may have a plasticizer which make plastics malleable and potentially leach hazardous chemicals onto the food or drink that is being held in it. Some of these chemicals act like hormones in your body, which can lead to disease. To make a big change from plastics to glass and stainless steel would be a great amount of time to find and cost a great amount of money, so the creators of Healthy Kitchenware made it easy for you and cost efficient as well. They created all different shapes and sizes of stainless steel, and glass containers that are safe for any food or drink it may come in contact with. Take a peek at this pair of kid’s stainless steel bowls made of SUS 304 stainless steel and the outside covered in plastic (polypropylene "5"). These bowls are designed so that food and drink can only come in contact with the stainless steel only and are very safe for children and adults of all ages.