Crispie Sweets Gourmet Treats

I love that rice crispy treats have become the new gourmet favorite and I have never seen them so dressed up before! Crispie Sweets Gourmet Treats has taken these favorite marshmallow squares from our childhood and made them all grown up! First of all, they are GORGEOUS to look at! They also have crispies to suit any taste. Here is what I got to try: “Undressed”—A honest to goodness rice crispy treat without any toppings and trust me it doesn’t need it. I think sometimes simple is best and I know a few people who do not like a rice crispy treat to be messed with! I loved that I was able to try the “Undressed” because it gave me a taste of the base for each of their “Dressed” treats. It was the perfect treat- not too moist and not too dry, also the bottom was perfect without that buttery greasy layer that usually comes from the pan. Loved this treat. Then I moved onto to the more sophisticated treats in their lineup: Cookies & Cream Dream and Give Me S’more Please! Cookies & Cream Dream had my favorites—marshmallow treats and cream filled chocolate cookies! I had a serious moment with this treat, it was my favorite. The toppings were perfectly adorned on the top and I got some with each bite. Give Me S’more Please also really worked. It truly tasted like a S’more with graham cracker pieces on top of gooey marshmallow and rich chocolate. What is not to like? This is only a small example of what they offer. I highly recommend hopping onto their website and checking it out for yourself. These treats are made with the best ingredients and are a generous sized treat. They would make a fun treat to send someone in the mail or a great addition to your next party—either way they should be stocked in your pantry!