Nuts + Nuts

I love these cashew creations by Nuts + Nuts. First off, cashews are my absolute favorite snacking nut and a close runner up is the almond. So I loved getting the chance to try the gourmet cashews by Nuts + Nuts. These are jumbo cashews directly from Indonesian cashew farmers roasted in a variety of delicious and some unique flavors. I was able to try the Honey Sesame Roasted Homemade Cashews and the Sweet & Salty Roasted Homemade Cashews. Both of them were truly delectable but the Honey Sesame’s won my heart! These were totally different than anything I have ever had before. Jumbo roasted cashews coated with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They were like a slice of heaven. The Sweet & Salty were also fantastic—they are the nutritious answer to your sweet and salty cravings!