Brush Your Teeth

I probably have the freshest breath ever. I’m that person that brings their toothbrush to work and brushes their teeth after ever meal. I think I have tried and used just about every toothpaste brand out there. Tom’s of Maine is probably the most planet friendly product I have used. They do not test on animals (which I love) and do not use any animal ingredients in their products. They list out every ingredient they put into their products and if your not sure what the ingredient is or where is comes from log onto the Tom’s of Maine website and they spell it out word for word and explain where and how they get each and every ingredient. Tom’s of Maine product line includes, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, dental floss, and soap all produced from what our earth has to offer. Not only that but their products taste delicious! The "silly strawberry" meant for kids is actually very tasty. The strawberry is pretty subtle with a fresh taste to it that anyone can appreciate. The "Wicked Fresh" (love the name) stole my heart-- it is exactly that-- WICKED FRESH and very minty for the freshest breath!