Perfectly Portable Lunch

I am constantly searching for easy, healthy items to bring to work for lunch. Both my health, nor my wallet can afford to eat out so I always bring my lunch. I recently stumbled upon these pre-cooked rice bowls by Gogo Rice Organic. It is all pre-prepared and ready to be heated in the microwave. Just peel the top off and enjoy! You can add a little sauce, bring leftovers to top it with etc… So good! Today I just had one of my jumbo veggie dogs with a brown rice bowl and had the perfect lunch! Minsley (the makers of Gogo Rice Bowls) only selects natural and organic rice ingredients. The way they package and prepare the bowls you are ready to eat in the self-serving package in only 90 seconds without even having to add water. I just had to fluff up with my fork a little bit and it was like perfectly cooked brown rice. I can not wait to try the Rice Medley that has brown rice, wild rice and red rice!