Healthy Snack Alternatives

Cheese Puffs, Ripple Chips, Sweet Bar-b-Que Chips—YUM! And they really are good for you too! You have probably seen Michael Seasons Snacks in the stores before and hopefully you didn’t pass them by. They will squash ANY salty craving that you might have without squashing your eat healthy plan. All Michael Seasons snacks are made with natural ingredients and contain much less calories and fat than the other snacks you are familiar with because they bake their snacks and keep out the nasty additives that are packed into other brands. The Cheddar Cheese Puffs deserve their very own fan club. They taste sooooo good and are baked giving them 65% less fat than other puffs, all natural, wheat free and gluten free. They are made with REAL ingredients too like cheese and organic cornmeal!