Just like your Aunt would make

Aunt Millie’s makes bakery goods just like your own Aunt would make! I was able to try some of the whole grain items made by Aunt Millie’s and loved every second of it! I can not say enough about the individually wrapped, whole grain, blueberry packed muffins. The muffins only have a scant 170 calories and for you points value counters—just 3 points! They are also a great source of fiber, calcium and vitamin D. I was also able to chew on the enriched bagels. Totally delicious! The best part? Each serving is only 140 calories also with a points value of just 3. Aunt Millie’s has so many products you just have to visit their website to get an idea of all they offer but there is one more item I just have to showcase. The mini whole grain sub buns! Whole grain—check! Mini for portion control—check! Low cal—check (only 160)! High fiber—check! And most importantly, tastes great—CHECK!