Hey Guys!

In case you didn’t know—Hazelnuts are a very nutritious nut that are very under-rated. Nuts in general are great sources of health fats, protein and fiber all while being delightful to eat and hazelnuts are no exception. So how come you don’t hear more about hazelnuts? I am really not sure. They have a very rich, nutty, flavorful taste that is so versatile. So now that I have you on the hazelnut bandwagon let me tell you about the hazelnuts that I recently had and loved—Freddy Guys Hazelnuts. Freddy Guys is a family run nut orchard truly bringing farm fresh nuts right to you. They get you the freshest hazelnuts possible because they take care of every aspect of the hazelnut process right there on their farm giving you only the best product. Whether you like raw or roasted hazelnuts (they roast twice a week) they have just the right match for you. I was able to try their mouthwateringly well-prepared dry roasted, raw and salted hazelnuts (with no added oils). They were all amazing and hard to put down—at least they are good for you! Check their online store for the full selection, they have a lot on there including chocolate covered. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!