Go Eco on your Lips

I love lip balm and it is one of those things I always have on me, tucked away somewhere. I have been trying to find a great, natural balm for a long time – well here it is: Eco Lips! Eco Lips makes a huge variety of balms that are handcrafted with personal attention to each balm. What sets Eco Lips apart? They make a balm that is organic, nutrient rich and works better than other balms, they guarantee it. So if you are searching for a flavored balm—they have tons (berry & coconut are my faves), how about a tint? I am obsessed with the Eco Tints in Rose Quartz. It is sheer and natural but with a slight hint of Rose color that give your lips a glamorous sheen without overdoing it. Not only that it feels so moisturizing on the lips and helps fight drying and chapping all while staying cruelty free.