Fashion Meets Function

They are not kidding! These Bondi Bands are so cool! Bondi Bands are the answer to pulling your hair back at the gym, keeping yourself warm, adding a little style or simply masking a bad hair day. BB’s wants to give you a comfy and trendy way to hold your hair back! The traditional bands are pretty thick so you can wear them as is, roll them or fold them in half. I love my black one folded in half but the pink one (my favorite) right like it is! There are no differences between the two but I love all the pretty pink fabric out in its glory. The black one is a regular gym staple for me now. All I do is flip my hair upside down, pull a few bangs through and arrange the band. It is made from comfortable, stretchy material that also works at wicking away sweat. They have another SUPER cool item-- Wicking hats with a ponytail hole! You heard me right (I have a picture from their website of someone wearing one so you can see what I am talking about). This hat was so comfortable and perfect for throwing your hair back and running errands or even outdoor sports! Its still a little cold here but I would love to take my bike out so I will for sure be wearing this to cover my sensitive ears. Not only are these awesome bands for the “chicks” they also have ones for: Babes - Ages 1-5 Years Old, Buddies and Dudes. They give 10% of their profits to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute so please check them out. You will be getting a cool and unique product while supporting a very worthy cause.