100% Organic, 100% Healthy, 100% Delicious

Those are the promises made by Peter Rabbit Organics about their awesome fruit snacks and veggie blends. My sweet little guy is at the age where he loves to eat and really lets you know if he likes what you are feeding him or not. And as I constantly say I try to always use only the best on him and put only the best in him that is why I love Peter Rabbit Organics baby food. They do not add salts or sugars to their blends, it is not needed at all. The creative fruit combinations of strawberry and banana, apple and grape, peach and apple, mango, banana and orange keep my son very happy and I love that he gets to experience these varied fruits in such delicious flavors. I do sample everything that he eats and these fruits are the best purees I have ever tried.

Max loves his veggies and gobbled up the pea, spinach and apple, sweet potato, corn and apple and the carrot squash and apple veggie blend. I think he got his love of veggies from me for sure because the boy has not met a vegetable that he does not like. These healthy combinations all have an added appeal with the nice, natural sweetness of the apple to entice babies and toddlers to eat their veggies. I could not stop sampling the sweet potato, corn and apple kind-- delicious! This is what baby food should be-- preservative free, salt and sugar free, organic and yummy. These fruit and veggie combinations come in great pouches too-- perfect for sticking back in the fridge or taking with you on the go-- plus they add a little fun factor!