The Orb Factory Toy Review

The Orb Factory has quite a few fun, educational and unique sets just for kids! We were lucky enough to get to try out one of their "first sticky mosaics". I was not quite sure what to expect but inside the box are tons of sticky foam pieces, 5 designs (ours is vehicle themed) and 5 little hangers. This is what it looks like:

You then follow the color patterns on the sheets and use the foam stickies to make the pictures come to life. So creative and a great way to have fun with your kids.
Before                 After        

Its labeled for 3+ but I can see kids younger enjoying this with a parent and older kids would have a blast as well. There are tons of creative toys and sets on their website for a variety of ages. I have to say the products are all very reasonably priced so would make great gifts as well. You can follow them on facebook, twitterblog or visit their website!