Crunch, crunch, crunch...

My family has been eating Cape Cod chips for quite some time now and we love them! We are not constant chip eaters but when we do we love these crunchy kettle chips that are all natural and hand-stirred. The basic ingredients are simple but they have some not so simple flavors like sea salt & vinegar, sweet mesquite bar-b-que, aged cheddar and my favorite -- classic. Since we usually only buy the classic around here I was more than happy to sample some of their other flavors.

First we tore into the sea salt & vinegar because if done right, it is an amazing combo. These were tangy and delicious.

Next, the bb-q and these chips are a great combo of sweet and salty with a huge crunch.

The cheddar was not my favorite but its also not a flavor I normally care for. I have to say as far as cheesy chips go they were pretty good in my book and still had that great cape cod crunch.

I noticed that the bags look a bit different but rest assured that the chips are the same delicious ones that I have been crunching for quite some time now.