Nature's Dessert

Fruit is nature's dessert-- what is better than a piece of fruit following a delicious meal? One covered in chocolate of course! I am not suggesting that each night you melt chocolate on your double boiler, slice up fruit, dip it, lay it out on wax paper then serve. Instead pick up a box of Diana's Banana Babies and get ready to enjoy a creamy dreamy treat of frozen bananas (hand-picked, fully ripe and deliciously creamy) covered in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate with peanuts.

At my house we are huge fans of the dark chocolate "babies" and eat them constantly, they are a yummy guilt-free treat, but this past weekend we were having people over and knowing not everyone adores dark chocolate we picked up a box of milk chocolate with peanuts and they reminded us of a sundae-- ice cream flavor, rich chocolate and that crunchy, nutty topping YUM! Then Diana's were kind enough to send me some milk chocolates to sample and they were the same quality frozen bananas dipped into high quality bar chocolate (not a coating) covering my banana in a thick layer. If you don't believe that frozen bananas are like ice cream then google banana ice cream maker (don't want to name names) and check out the machine created JUST to make frozen bananas into an ice-creamy treat but its really not necessary to buy this "contraption" use your blender, freeze bananas yourself or get chocolate covered bananas by Diana's and save yourself the hassle. "Like" Diana's on facebook while you are at it and check these full size ones out for fun-- they made me giggle since they are so huge but I really wouldn't having one in my hand right now. Find them here or order online.