My lucky day!

I have had such a great day today! Played outside with Max, enjoyed a great walk and ate great food. Life doesn't get much better until a package arrived on my doorstep today and it was my new Roma Boots! What are Roma Boots? They are a light weight, all weather but high style boot. When I say all weather you probably picture some big, clunky rubber things but not these Roma Boots. Check them out:

Mine are the "Matte Brown". They are actually even cuter than the picture portrays. I will be wearing these more often than I had originally planned because not only will these look good with a pair of jeans but with leggings and a sweater for sure. Its great to have a modern, trendy type of boot to wear because the winters in Wisconsin are seriously messy but that doesn't mean I have to look messy right?!
Outsole: Traditional natural rubber sole
Made from 100% Natural Rubber
Lining: Quick dry knitted cotton lining
Footbed: Multi-layer cushioned insole
Height: 38 cm, 1" heel, Rounded Toe
(Size down for half size)

My Roma's arrived in two days, gotta love the fast service. Oh and their customer service also rocks-- I give companies props for this alone, its hard to come by. So in addition to just having great, fashionable boots Roma also has Roma Boots Foundation which helps provide needy children with proper footwear. Their mission is really inspiring and worth a read. Now you can buy that pair of boots and know that you just provided a pair to a child in need, for every pair sold another is given-- how great is that?