Brought tears to my eyes

I am so emotional when it comes to my baby boy. I never knew it was even possible to love someone so much as you do your children! I have mentioned a few times now that we are nearing Max's first birthday, oh how the time flies. For his birthday I want to make sure I get him some stuff he will appreciate now but also something special and that he can hang onto. Personalized childrens books by I See Me is the perfect, sentimental gift. Not only is it great because it is so personal for the parent or other loved one to give to a child but I can just imagine how happy Max will be to be reading a book about him! They have thirteen great books to chose from and personalize, we chose the Who Love's Me book. When choosing your book they have a great virtual book tour section to guide you through the books. Personally, I had a hard time picking one because the books are so great. In the Who Loves Me book it says the sweetest things like:
Who loves Max?
Mommy loves Max!
How much?
So much!
More than the mountains
More than the streams
More than a little boy's happiest dreams

How sweet is that? Reading through knowing my Max was going to read how much I love him in the book brought tears to my eyes. The first pages also lets you put a personalized message where I got to mention that it was given for his first birthday, the year and his full name. Go check it out-- there are fairy tale books, pirate, big brother/sister, christmas, love etc... A little about the book-- it came quickly (especially for a custom item), the customer service was outstanding, the book is a high quality hardcover book with vibrant colors and images kids are sure to love!
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