YOU-- all my favorites

We all have weaknesses and I can not be trusted around chocolate, cereal, trail mix or any combination of these items. So when learning about You Bar I was so excited because the concept is very unique and really cool. You Bar makes protein/ energy bars just how you design them. You start out by choosing a base -- mouthwatering choices of nut butters or their own base of dates and almond butter. Then you choose your protein powder, nuts/seeds, fruits & berries, sweeteners, chocolate/seasonings, grains/cereals plus infusions. Then the fun begins-- you can name your bar anything you would like and it is put together in a custom wrapper just for YOU or whoever you choose to give this ultimate bar to. Think of the possiblities-- anniversaries, birthdays, stocking stuffers or just to show yourself some love.
I tried some bars out of the "popular bars" category and cannot even express how good the Great Date with Chocolate flavor is!