Warning! Delicously Addictive!

This was quoted from the Nutridel website about their gourmet, crispy, healthy cookies. I have to agree with them! These generously sized cookies are all natural and composed of good for you ingredients like seeds, grains, nuts and fiber then sweetened naturally. They have four varieties: oatmeal, almond, flaxseed and pecan. My faves are the nut varieties-- pecan and almond, oatmeal comes in very close followed by the flaxseed cookie. On the website they have recipe possibilities like making frozen yogurt sandwiches, top with nutbutter or honey etc... but really they don't need any jazzing up as they are awesome on their own (don't mess with a good thing). Unless you live in CA or the Pacific NW you will probably have to order these online-- they sell a sampler pack letting you try all four kinds. If you do find food faves encourage your local stores to check them out and hopefully stock them.