Help a parent in need!

You have to go check out the video on the Baby Diner website! I was cracking up watching the kids spilling their bowls, dumping on their heads and stepping on the bowls. Even at 9 months my son already thinks its hilarious to step on the cat bowls and watch the food and water go spilling out so I can just imagine what I am in store for. Right now I think its cute but after watching the video I am not so sure! I was sent a Baby Diner Dish Holder to review and we tried it out tonight just to see if it lived up to its claims. The suction power is fantastic and we tried it on a variety of bowls/plates and surfaces our son may be eating on. It stuck great to the granite, coffee table and even to his varnished high chair. It also worked on all the plates we have for him and then we tried it on our plates to see if it would hold and it did! That is reassuring because this would be an item I would then take with us to restaurants to avoid big spills there. It is unique, I have not seen these out shopping YET and would make a perfect gift to the new or even seasoned parent.

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