Balls are here!

Late last week I posted about my exciting new find of used golf balls. I was not quite sure what to expect after I placed my order but could not wait to get my order in the mail from Used Golf Ball Deals. First I must say the customer service at Used Golf Ball Deals is among the best I have had ever-- they are very on top of your order and very friendly as well. So onto the really good stuff-- my golf balls! I ordered the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls and while these are the choice golf balls of most serious golfers they are also great for those who love a quality product (at a great price). 

The golf balls arrived in protective packaging in picture perfect condition. Not one of these golf balls were scuffed or discolored and looked as if they came out of a fresh sleeve direct from the pro shop (and they were not 48.00 per dozen or more). Follow Used Golf Ball Deals on facebook and twitter!