Tropical Oasis

In college we had a Jamba Juice right on our campus that I could be spotted in almost daily, I just love their smoothies. Sadly now I have no Jamba's even close to me so I could hardly remember just how great their smoothies are until recently when I got the chance to try their Jamba "At Home" Smoothie line with flavors like Strawberries Wild, Razmatazz, Mango-a-go-go and the all new Caribbean Passion.
Caribbean Passion is a mixup of mangos, peaches, strawberries and passion fruit. All of the flavors also have non-fat yogurt included in the smoothie mix so all you have to do is blend with apple juice and get ready to taste an authentic Jamba Juice smoothie right there in your kitchen. The mix is very easy to make and for a healthy snack very affordable since each pouch makes two 8 ounce servings that clock in at around 70 all-natural calories. The taste? I was fortunate enough to try the Carribean Passion and being a huge lover of tropical smoothies I can honestly say this was super quick, easy to make and delicious. I could easily blend and demolish the entire bag so I have to ration myself on this one. Want to win a coupon for your very own FREE bag? Shoot me an email and let me know which flavor you are dying to try! I will randomly select five lucky readers to get a coupon sent to their snail mail address.